Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I insure my trailer?

Click HERE to obtain insurance quotes for your trailer.


How do I connect the trailer to the towing vehicle?

Ensure that the towing vehicle's tow bar is in good condition.

Check that the ball head cup is well greased.

Raise the coupling head above the tow ball by using of the jockey wheel.

Position the tow ball under the coupling head, then using the jockey wheel, lower the coupling head onto the tow ball whilst holding the coupling head open. Once the two parts are correctly engaged, the coupling head handle will lock in the closed position. Twist the coupling head and check that the trailer is properly coupled.

Wind the jockey wheel upwards until fully retracted and the top handle is tightly locked - now loosen the main clamp and raise the jockey as high as possible in the clamp. Re-tighten the clamp, ensuring that the jockey wheel is well clear of the brake mechanism and is securely retained.

Check presence and condition of the break-away cable, if damaged or not present, replace immediately. Connect break-away cable to towing bracket on towing vehicle.

Connect the electrical plug to the socket on the rear of the towing vehicle. Check that all lights are fully operational. Ensure also that the electrical lead cannot drag on the ground.

Finally ensure that the hand brake is in the fully off position. 

How should I modify my driving when towing a trailer?

To tow your trailer safely you should remember these points:

• The overall length of your vehicle increases when towing a trailer. It is therefore necessary to widen your turns to avoid hitting kerbs.

• The additional weight of a trailer and its load will increase your stopping distance. You must therefore allow more time for braking.

• When reversing you must steer the opposite way to the direction in which you require the trailer to travel.

• You should never exceed the maximum towing weight for your towing vehicle.

I passed my driving test after January 1st 1997. Can I still tow a trailer?

If you passed your test after 1st January 1997, you will not have category B+E on your licence, which enables you tow any trailer up to 3500kg. Without your B+E category you will be restricted in the types of trailers you can tow although there are still towing options available to you.

Alternatively, you can sit your B+E towing test. Like your driving test, prior tuition is recommended. The NFU provides B+E test and training discounts to its members.

There are tuition and test centres located acorss the UK.

My towing vehicle has a maximum towing capacity of 2000kg and my trailer has a maximum gross weight of 2600kg. My trailer weight with a load never exceeds 2000kg, can I still tow it with my vehicle?

In these circumstances it is possible and advisable to get your trailer down-rated. To arrange this please contact our Customer Care department.

On down-rating we would supply a new plate to your distributor who would use it to replace your original plate. Please note that this plate cannot be supplied to anyone other than an authorised Ifor Williams Trailers distributor.

Remember also that you must never carry a greater weight on the trailer than its new plate indicates or you risk falling foul of the law.

Why does Ifor Williams register trailers?

There is currently no compulsory system for registering trailers in the UK as there is with cars, for example. As Britain’s largest manufacturer of trailers, Ifor Williams has created its own registration system so that a record can be kept of all trailer owners. Registered trailers are much more likely to be recovered and returned to their rightful owner if stolen.

If trailers are registered, we are also able to inform customers directly of any recall or warranty issues on their trailers.

How do I register my trailer?

If you have purchased a new trailer, it will be registered by the T H White Trailer Centre upon purchase. You do not need to register your trailer directly with Ifor Williams Trailers. Please ensure that we have a note of your address and phone details before you take your trailer away.

If you have bought a used trailer, you will need fill in the change of ownership form HERE. This will be sent to the Ifor Williams Customer Care Department who will confirm by e-mail (if you have listed one) that the details have been updated. You will need to supply details of the previous owner for validity purposes.

I have bought a used trailer, how can I re-register it in my name?

If you have bought a used trailer, you will need fill in the change of ownership form HERE. This will be sent to the Ifor Williams Customer Care Department who will confirm by e-mail (if you have listed one) that the details have been updated. You will need to supply us with the details of the previous owner for validity purposes.

I have moved house, how do I update my registration details?

If you have moved house, fill in the change of address form HERE. This will be sent to the Ifor Williams Customer Care Department who will confirm by e-mail (if you have listed one) that your address has been updated.

Where do I find my Serial Number and Chassis Code?

Every trailer made by Ifor Williams is fitted with a type plate; this will have a unique serial number printed on it by multi-dot punching. The type plate is usually positioned on the trailer drawbar. There are some exceptions, such as Unbraked trailers, when the type plate will be attached to the front or rear panel of the trailer.

An example of a standard type plate is shown here. This example is printed with the full 17 digit VIN (Vehicle identification number). The last 6 or 7 digits represent the serial number depending on the age and model of your trailer (in this example 374538). Some models may be fitted with a slightly smaller plate, however the serial number will still be present and easily recognisable.


With the exception of Unbraked trailers, all trailers will also have a chassis code. This can be found cut into the trailer drawbar as illustrated in the picture.


Can a trailer be identified if the serial number plate has been removed?

Ifor Williams horsebox trailers have the serial number stamped on the top of the right hand drawbar A-frame.

Most Ifor Williams trailers also have a chassis code cut into the side of the drawbar 

A-frame during manufacture. The code comprises a letter or number followed by a "+" or "-" sign and a further five numbers. This code is cross referenced to the serial number on the Ifor Williams database. If you have this code, contact the Ifor Williams Customer Care department on 01490 412626 for assistance.

If this code cannot be found, it should still be possible to identify the trailer but we do not disclose the methods of doing this. In this case you should contact The Equipment Register (TER) on 01225 464599 for assistance.

What if my trailer is stolen?

If your trailer is stolen then you should report it to the police and obtain a crime reference number. Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd operates a trailer registration database, by informing them that your trailer has been stolen, they will register it as stolen and will also inform TER, The National Plant and Equipment Register (see explanation below). This can assist in identifying owners of recovered stolen trailers.

TER – the National Plant and Equipment Register
When you register your new Ifor Williams trailer it is automatically registered with TER (The National Plant and Equipment Register). Their mission is to combat plant theft and fraud in the UK and Europe. By registering ownership, both technical and marking details can be made available to international police forces through TER. All Ifor Williams Trailers include free registration to TER once your trailer is registered by your distributor.

Ifor Williams Trailers - Security
Each Ifor Williams trailer is fitted with an ID plate which has a unique serial number etched on it. Additionally, the drawbar has a different unique number cut through it, which is virtually impossible to alter without noticeably affecting the appearance of the numbers and galvanized finish.

Datatags are fitted as standard to all Ifor Williams Horsebox trailers for extra security and peace of mind. Datatag is Europe's leading electronic tagging system and was originally developed to combat theft in the UK motorcycle industry. Datatag transponders (tags) are miniature transmitters. These are hidden deep within the trailer during manufacture, and transmit a unique code that can only be read with special scanning guns. These are issued to Police and HM Customs free of charge. On recovery of a stolen trailer the identity of the trailer can be verified and the rightful owner contacted.

Always keep a record of your trailer details so that if it is stolen, you will have the information to hand.

What locks should I use on my trailer?

Ideally your trailer will be fitted with a coupling lock and wheel clamp to deter thieves. However, your trailer should be secured to the requirements that your insurance company specifies as not following their guidance may invalidate your policy.

How can I find which are the correct brake cables for my trailer?

Click HERE to download a reference guide to assist you with selecting the correct brake cables for your trailer range.

How can I identify the correct lighting components for my trailer?

Click HERE to download a reference guide to assist you with selecting the correct lighting and electrical items for your trailer range.